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Our highly targeted websites creates awesome ROI

Shirt Money is now paying 10-20% on all sales across the board. Our shirts range from $9-$21!

Are you an artist?

If you are an artist, we are paying up to $4 per shirt!  YES, we will also pay artist for their traffic to any design they submit.  That's over $6 bucks a shirt!  

Want to earn even more?

How about a bonus? If you refer someone to ShirtMoney.com with your webmaster id and they signup, you will recieve a "LIFETIME Down The Line" additional commission of 10% of what they earn!

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Ad Creation

Do you need something special? Let us help you by creating custom marketing material for your website.

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Easily find the item that suits your needs. We have linking codes for every product we sell.

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As an artist, you can submit creatives and track sales when we list your designs with our real time stats.
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Monitor your campaigns with our sales and marketing reports and real time stats.

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